Frequently Asked Questions

What should I take on a walk?
The following is a list of suggested items, some of them seasonal. A mountain walk in winter requires more clothing and equipment than a short low level walk in summer.  However, on high ground conditions can worsen quickly at any time of year, hence the spare clothing.

  • Comfortable, waterproof boots or stout shoes.
  • Waterproof clothing including over trousers.
  • Packed lunch including a drink
  • Spare warm top or sweater, hat, gloves
  • Lightweight waterproof mat (to sit on)
  • Torch, map and small first aid kit
  • On sunny days, sunglasses and sun cream
  • Jeans are not advised as they are very uncomfortable if wet

Take a look at the following sites for more practical advice:
The Ramblers    and   Plas y Brenin, The National Mountain Centre of Wales.
How much time will the walk take?
Most people walk at about 3km/2 miles in an hour but experienced walkers generally walk a little faster. Climbing hills slows you down - the usual rule of thumb is to add half an hour for every 300m climbed.  If walking with a Ramblers group the leader will adjust the pace to suit the participants, the terrain and the grade of walk.
First Aid kit
Whether you are walking in a group or alone it's a good idea to take along a First Aid kit. A range of kits are available to buy, or you can make up your own. 
Can I just show up on the day for a walk?
Yes, all you need to do is turn up at the meeting point and introduce yourself to the leader.  The meet is usually at a roadside point and identified with a description and a grid reference.  If walking maps and grid references are new to you, have a chat with the leader or the other walkers to find out more. You can give the leader a call if you are unsure of the start location.  
Anything else I should know?
If for any reason you decide to leave the walk please make sure that you tell the leader or the ‘back marker’, who is usually at the rear of the group.  Otherwise we may end up organising a search for you!  It is always best to stay with the group, particularly in the mountains.
Also, as many of our walks are through livestock areas as a general rule dogs are not allowed on the walks.  However, if you are keen to walk with your dog, which must be on a lead, please check with the walk leader by phone prior to the walk.


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